The truth behind being “fine”

The “I’m fine” statement and the thinking that supports it can encourage us to avoid specific areas that need attention. By looking closely at all areas of our lives we can identify where we are fine and where we are not.

How many times have you said, “I’m fine” to describe how you are going?

There’s a risk that avoiding certain issues by using the “I’m fine” mentality will lead to decline. Life goes by so fast that we can sometimes forget who’s in the driver’s seat. It’s important to press pause, take our foot off the accelerator, check in to see what’s going on and, perhaps, update our plan of action.

Problems begin when we hide our truth and numb our pain. Numbing our psychological pain protects us from feeling hurt. In the short term this cover-up provides some relief but long term, the effects of anesthetising what’s really going on can be harmful.

Fear is often the reason for the masquerade — disguising problems prevents us from finding solutions. Concealing what is really going on and how we are truly feeling is damaging to our wellbeing.

The first step to a better quality of life is to uncover our truth and unmask the problem causing the pain and then treat that. We then have a chance of avoiding the interruption of the numbing addictions that prevent us finding solutions.

There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting – Buddha

Uncovering the truth is where fulfilment begins and it’s what True Believers do.

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