Ignite the conviction flame

When your values and passion are congruent, they become the fuel for your conviction. Conviction creates energy — stamina for taking action in line with your values more consistently. This persistent action helps to maintain the direction you want to go in. And the daily practice of feeling what you want in advance helps to ignite that conviction flame.

Using visualisation to create mental images of what we want and feeling the emotion is like playing a game of make believe until success shows up. Positive delusion drives our action.

When we feel it in advance we:

  • are active, not passive
  • don’t waste time just thinking and talking
  • get the things done that matter
  • take personal responsibility
  • deliver on the promises we make
  • hold the belief that a better life is possible.

One of the quickest ways to destroy belief is to worry about what other people think, about what they say or do. Because as we begin to create the life we choose there are a lot of people that will tell you that:

  • you can’t
  • you won’t
  • you shouldn’t.

It’s also our own mind that begins early on to sabotage our success, trying to give us reasons why we shouldn’t proceed.

True Believers create their own reality and use positive delusion to fuel belief until the evidence of success shows up.

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