Challenge existing ideas

Life satisfaction is greatly influenced by our mindset. Our state of mind, assumptions and beliefs are a powerful motivator determining our action or inaction. Success lies in our ability to challenge existing ideas, be open to learning and embrace the action required.

Do you sometimes say, “That’s just the way I am” or “I’ve always done it that way?” Are you a ‘know it all’ — thinking you have learnt all you need? Do you have a fixed or growth mindset?
After decades of research on achievement, Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck made groundbreaking findings on fixed and growth mindsets. She documented these in her book Mindsets — The New Psychology Of Success.

Dweck says that a growth mindset creates the love of learning and the resilience that is essential for great success. Those with a growth mindset are motivated to exert effort and to outperform those with a fixed mindset. When we embrace growth, when we are open to learning, we find many solutions behind previously closed doors.

True Believers have a growth mindset. They use the five qualities necessary for creating their own success masterpiece.
Qualities of a True Believer
1. Expire the old stuff — move your life forward
2. Undress ambition — declare your aspirations
3. Feel it in advance — enjoy success before it arrives
4. Cringe at excuses — results rock, excuses do not
5. Expect setbacks — just keep dancing! 

When we learn to develop these character traits we can create our own success masterpiece. 

If you’re feeling a little fearful around taking responsibility, not sure how to plan ahead in this current continued uncertainty, and ready to turn the page and start fresh – then I’m here for you.

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