The Journey

to  Joy

Christina Joy Conias was born in Brisbane, Australia and made a name for herself early on in the retail and real estate industries. While she was born with Joy in her name, the journey back to Joy didn’t come easily. When she was little, Christina was embarrassed about her middle name and abandoned it.

Christina knew in her heart of hearts she was on a journey to joy, a journey that would mean making bold choices, being true to her values, making hard decisions to change her current life and doing so with optimism and courage.

She knew in her good and bad days how she wanted to live and who she wanted to be - a strong independent woman who thrives on joy, love and compassion, who creates her own unique pathway and holds out a kind hand to help others around her.

Today Christina

unapologetically claims her joy

and paves the way for others

Christina is a brilliant thought leader in her own right, with world class thinking around conviction, belief and commercial conversations.

Peter Cook

Best Selling Author of 7 books including Implement!

Christina Joy is one of Australia’s leading success and business experts

Christina is the CEO of Christina Joy International, founder of Leading Women Programs, a partner at Thought Leaders Global and an acclaimed Author.

For over 25 years, Christina has walked her own unique and extraordinarily successful path as a loving mum and a business leader with extensive sales, leadership, productivity and mindset expertise.

Her no excuses, no BS attitude is more practical than many self-proclaimed success mentors. Christina shares her experience as a successful sales expert, leader and advisor with individuals, businesses and organisations to create life-changing and sustainable outcomes.

A personal and professional development expert, Christina is a one-stop-shop for creating a life and business by design; one that brings an abundance of peace, power and joy.

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Keynote speaker

who inspires, entertains & delights audiences

Founder of Leading Women

As a keynote speaker Christina is a stand out. Her powerful messages encourage audiences to challenge existing ideas, to be open to learning and to embrace the action required. Known for her contagious energy, obvious authenticity and high-powered stage presentations, Christina’s keynote appearances are perfectly tailored for each occasion.


As a keynote speaker Christina is a stand out. Her powerful messages encourage audiences to challenge existing ideas, to be open to learning and to embrace the action required. Known for her contagious energy, obvious authenticity and high-powered stage presentations, Christina’s keynote appearances are perfectly tailored for each occasion.

Christina is the founder of Leading Women – a series of transformational programs and events empowering women from all walks of life to achieve sustainable success. Christina is also a partner at Thought Leaders Global – the international educational company helping clever people in organisations to improve performance and positioning to becommercially smarter.

Christina combines inspiration, practical solutions,
mindset and attitude shifts

She includes humour to create maximum impact and exceed her audiences’ expectations time and time again.

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events Christina has been

featured on:

  • Leading Women Conference (9 years and counting!)
  • Real Estate Academy Conference
  • Clint Salter’s Dance Studio Association
  • Harcourts National Conference
  • Core9 Fitness Event
  • PRD Newcastle & Lake Macquarie Masterclass
  • The Renaissance Women’s Leaders Conference
  • Timms Real Estate Community Event
  • Lorraine Lea Simply Home Conference
  • Rent Star Masterclass
  • Resolver Recruitment Team Masterclass
  • Harcourts Hervey Bay Team Event
  • First National Principals Conference

Christina Joy is a force of nature!

I recently watched her deliver an opening keynote about balancing achievement and fulfilment; she delivered with high energy and complete conviction. Not only was Christina remarkably generous with her audience, she was the ultimate professional and easy to work alongside in all aspects of the engagement.

Darren Hill

Behavioural Scientist and CoFounder of Pragmatic Thinking
Asset 12



Truly matters

More Mojo is an 8-week program designed to help busy working women go from stretched and drained to successful and sustained. There is no better investment than ourselves when it comes to being our best for others.

If you decide to join, day by day you will design a life of Inner Peace, Personal Power, Purposeful Productivity and Unapologetic Freedom.

ZAH-4512 copy

Imagine every morning (even on Mondays!) you bounce out of bed, ready to tackle the day. You have a clear vision of where you want to go and all the tools and resources you need to get there. You never have to question yourself or look back, because you’re always making decisions aligned with your values.

Imagine you ALWAYS have time for the things that truly matter because you’ve built in room for the beautiful mishaps, inevitable roadblocks and obstacles that get in the way. Imagine having the courage to act in the face of our self-doubt and challenges.

Imagine sleeping peacefully at night knowing you’ve got a community of other smart, supportive and successful women to call upon in your hour of need. It doesn’t have to be a lonely game.

All of that (and more!) is possible when you

join More Mojo

What Our More Mojo Members

Are Saying:


I lost 8 kgs (17.5 lbs), I sleep better, I am healthier, fitter, stronger and less stressed. My relationships have strengthened and I have clarity around my goals.

Paige McNeil

More Mojo Member

The difference between me now and me 12 months ago is amazing. Now, I actually like myself!

Annie Abra

More Mojo Member

In just 18 months, Christina has helped me double my income and not only create, but sustain my balanced lifestyle.

Sandra Larkin

More Mojo Member

Creating a Sustainable & Profitable Business is Simple:

Care for People

on a deeper level.

Ever heard the phrase “A parent is only as happy as their least happy child?”

Well, we believe something similar is true for business owners as well. A business owner is only as successful as their least successful employee.

We created Team Mojo to help Real Estate Teams and Business Owners of all kinds improve their positioning, productivity and -- of course! -- increase their profit.

Even the BEST marketing and branding in the world can only get you so far. The best return on investment you will EVER see comes from the time, money and energy you invest into your team.

A team who’s operating at 100% and completely aligned with their business goals and vision is truly limitless in terms of their profit earning potential.

A strong purpose and a clear vision are the secrets to gaining transformational team traction.


Our Team Mojo program is designed to help companies create a culture that rocks, reducing staff turnover and increasing not only customer satisfaction, but retention and repeat business. With 25 plus years expertise in business sales and leadership, Christina understands the key to a sustainable and profitable business is to care for the team on a deeper level.

In the Team Mojo Program we consciously choose long-term solutions over short-term quick fixes, because we know that’s what leads to lasting business returns.

Christina breathed new life into my audience and my business.

We teach dance studio owners how to run a successful business, but after COVID many of them were feeling burnt out and unmotivated. So I invited Christina to lead our audience of over 11,000 dance studio owners through her Mojo Program, and it was a huge success.

Not only did our audience get their “Mojo” back and permission to start focusing on themselves again, but they were MORE engaged, more willing to raise their hand and more eager to participate in our trainings and programs than ever before! As business owners, we all know how an engaged audience leads to increased profitability.

Clint Salter

CEO of the Dance Studio Owners Association

Christina has saved me so much time and money.

Christina is so generous with her time and her ability to share. She has learned so much in her 25+ years of experience. I love her willingness to teach you everything that she knows. She stops you from making the same mistakes that she has made.

I offer her my ideas and she says, “You know, I’ve actually tried that and here is why it didn’t work,” which is so helpful and why I find her so incredible and inspirational. If you’re in a place at the moment where you’re struggling with where you’re at within yourself or in your business, Christina helps you to start to unpack that, make changes and get results.

Tracey Mathers

Business Mentor/Coach at Tracey Mathers Pty Ltd

I’m enjoying more time with my family.

I first started working with Christina in 2013. I was a successful agent but had always struggled to build a team and was burning out. Christina helped me put in place and execute a plan that would see me develop a team whilst also allowing for time and energy around the things that are important to me outside of my real estate office.

With Christina in my corner today I am enjoying the financial freedom of a super profitable business with a team of 23, who have experienced Christina’s incredible 8 x session Team Mojo Program.

Ben Price

Leader of Caloundra City Realty, Team Mojo Member

Christina is an acclaimed author
with two

life-changing books

CJ - Books V01-01

How To Have It All

Unlock Your Limitless Potential by Living a Life
According to Your Values

The Western World has the highest standard of living on the planet, yet our quality of life seems to be sinking by the minute. In How to Have It All (2012), Christina breaks down the barriers that keep us unhappy and overwhelmed.
She replaces them with excuse-free success hacks that took decades to discover and fine-tune. Once you decide to go all in and commit to yourself, once and for all, your potential is truly limitless.

CJ - Books V01-02

The True Believers

Undress Your Ambition and Start Creating
Your Life Masterpiece

A True Believer is someone who loves themself enough to boldly sit in the courage of their convictions, listen to their intuition and follow their True North. It’s actually MUCH rarer than you think in today’s society! In The True Believers (2014), Christina will invite you to dive deep, past the facade of fake confidence. You’ll be encouraged to break old habits that no longer serve you and dramatically improve every corner of your life

The reviews are in!

How To Have It All shows you how to decide what you really want, take charge of your life, and persist until you succeed!

Brian Tracy

Success Expert & Author of 55 books

There is a lot of depth to this book. If you are ready to back yourself, muster up the courage to make a stand for what your heart tells you is possible, and commit to the process without excuses or alibis, I dare say it might just push you across the line and make you a True Believer.

Mick Mooney, USA


Abundance is your birthright

Let Christina

help you claim it

Are you working your fingers to the bone, with next to nothing to show for it?

Are you getting by paycheck to paycheck, with no real prospect of saving anything substantial anytime soon?

Do you just know, deep down in your bones that something is holding you back from reaching your full potential, but you can’t seem to figure out exactly what it is - let alone how to fix it?

If you’re overworked and underappreciated you NEED to reach out to Christina. Through her private coaching and mentorship, Christina has helped thousands of hard-working individuals get out of their personal and professional “rut.”

A discovery call is a chance to meet Christina and share your current challenges and ambitions and to learn how Christina can help you to progress powerfully. All you need to do is book in the 30 minute call with Christina and show up.

There’s plenty of advice out there on success, but what’s unique about Christina is her no-excuses attitude and her emphasis on sustainability.

All too often, people get “addicted” to their excuses, but Christina empowers them to adopt a zero tolerance policy and live excuse-free.

Christina challenges her private clients to commit to delivering on the promises we make to ourselves. Her focus is always on taking responsibility, finding clarity and driving productivity. She develops her clients' belief, conviction and commitment as the superpowers for sustainable success.

Join the thousands of talented individuals who have watched their personal lives improve and their businesses soar as a direct result of Christina’s hands-on mentorship and consulting.

Accountability breeds success, but most people have little to no accountability in their lives. Christina can teach, support and hold you accountable to accomplish your goals - all while enjoying the journey.

The clock is always ticking!

Every minute counts when it comes to living

a fulfilled life of joy!

Jean Brown

Christina helped me increase my profit by 100% in 12 months, while living a life true to my values.

Working with Christina as my mentor has enriched my life in ways that I did not think possible. She has an amazing ability to guide, motivate, inspire and encourage and has helped me achieve commercial success.

Jean Brown

Jean Brown Properties

Christina's support has been pivotal to my growth as a Thought Leader. Her impact is life changing!

Christina has that remarkable ability to disarmingly get you to where you know you need to be, but haven't been brave enough to step forward and embrace it. Coming from a positive place of care, support and commitment, Christina will hold you accountable, challenge your thinking and build on the strengths you have been hiding. Christina's support has been instrumental in the growth of not only my practice, but my personal growth as a Leader and influencer.

Garie Dooley

High Performance Teams Speaker, Author
& Facilitator and Author of Phenomenal Teams
Garie D
Tara T

I manage a team of 10 and also personally made $2 million in GCI (Gross Commission Income) last year!

I appointed Christina as my advisor over 9 years ago – I was a real estate agent writing $300,000 GCI (Gross Commission Income), with little work life balance and feeling constantly overwhelmed. Today, I’m the Sales Manager of an award winning team of 10, personally achieving $2,000,000 in GCI last year, all while being a loving partner and a mum of 2 young kids. Working with Christina has been the biggest changer of my life and career.

Tara Torkkola

Sales Manager and Sales Agent, Byron Bay First National

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