Critical tipping points

An issue or a series of changes that become significant enough to cause a large impact defines a tipping point. Many in their lives will escape these critical points and remain content without much change. For some though, these tipping points, although often painful, can create the greatest positive transformations.
Our lives can be:
Uneventful – constant and steady, with little opportunity for growth
Eventful – varied and changing, with much opportunity for growth.
And although at times I have craved constant and steady, I know that some of the greatest accomplishments and progress come from the events that shake us enough to cause a tip toward positive change.
Think about those events throughout your life that had considerable impact – those major events that rocked your world – in a good or not so good way. These may be related to your health, to important relationships or even your wealth. Often these critical points hold considerable pain that can wake us up to the truth we have been ignoring and force us to make a few overdue decisions.
Tipping points are common, just not talked about a lot. What we do in these challenging times is crucial to our success. The key is to make a decision and act, not to be passive and settle. The greatest, most significant events can be what bring us closer to peace and fulfillment. Tipping points rock!

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