Money is no guarantee for fulfilment

Think about those who have financial success and money for all the things they desire. Money certainly does bring some life satisfaction but it is not a guarantee of fulfilment. I’ve come across too many people who have lost sight of what they truly value as a result of chasing the almighty dollar.
Many, even those with financial success, struggle at home and at work with:

  • working long hours
  • having too little personal time
  • not having enough time for important relationships
  • spare time being taken up with chores
  • their guilt or exhaustion when there is finally time to relax. 

So having wealth alone, without other important components, is not a sustainable definition for success. 

What’s your definition of success?

The definition of success is personal to each individual, but whatever success is to you it has to be aligned with what you value. For some people it’s to: 

  • raise a happy family
  • get to the top of their industry
  • create financial independence
  • be the best they can be and to be fulfilled

For True Believers, success is living life according to their values. It’s about getting the things done that really matter and living a fulfilled and purposeful life that you choose. It’s your picture of success and it’s your masterpiece. 

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Christina Joy