Hold the space for non-beleivers

Once we have accepted that non-believers are a part of life we have to learn to hold a space for them. The ability to hold a space for non-believers essentially means just being, without making judgement.

It requires us to have:

  • compassion — having empathy having experienced the difficulties of being a non-believer yourself at times
  • respect — having reverence for their own life journey and the time and space they need to learn and grow
  • wisdom — having an understanding of the process to move from a non-believer to a True Believer.

Now this can be very difficult to do — particularly if much of our stress or even pain has come as a result of the negative behaviours from the non-believers.

I have studied and practiced the art of negotiation for a few decades. One of the key principles of negotiation is to practice role reversal — when we can see life through someone else’s eyes — even if we don’t like or agree with how they are showing up. When we use role reversal we can come from a place of understanding rather than a place of anger, criticism, blame, disappointment and judgement.

Holding a space for a non-believer may mean limiting your exposure to them. It may even mean choosing to give them complete space by ceasing contact.

True Believers have wisdom — they don’t rescue. Holding a space for others is like a spiritual patience, and it can become the best path to success and fulfilment for you and for others.

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