Energy for life

Energisers are those full of vitality and driven by their passion for what they value. Some say that nothing great can be achieved without enthusiasm. It’s the key to attracting what you desire. In fact energisers can be difficult to resist, as their energy is contagious. Infectious enthusiasm and conviction are the qualities that drive energisers to success!

Energisers, with their strong belief, are determined to arrive at their destination. They have loads of conviction, are motivated and maintain enthusiasm as they:

  • focus on what’s important – they know their why
  • get things done that matter each and every day
  • influence others with their enthusiasm and confidence
  • accept that some will reject them but are resilient and don’t quit!

In martial arts the term Tamashii is used to define the spirit of the warrior — those with unquestionable loyalty, moral fortitude, courage, persistence and sincerity. The Japanese saying nana-korobi, ya-oki means to fall down seven times and get up eight times signifying the ability to persevere. Now, the similar traits of the warrior with the indomitable spirit are used to describe those who live with great purpose and master extraordinary success.

Those who live with belief, conviction and commitment are True Believers and are incapable of being overcome as within them lies an indomitable spirit.

The True Believers indomitable spirit is:

  • invincible
  • unconquerable
  • unshakeable.

Find your indomitable spirit – it’s where your energy for life lives.

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