Commitment is one of the superpowers of True Believers and where we take responsibility for our life, become clear about what we want and work productively until we finish. Commitment is where we consistently deliver on the promises we make to ourselves. When our commitment is weak we are more likely to make excuses, be indecisive, lack focus and not arrive at our destination. Commitment comes as a result of your conviction — your belief in your vision. It’s the power of a personal promise.

Those who commit:

  • Take responsibility
  • Find clarity
  • Work productively

And a key component to working productively is to delegate. Too often we are doing tasks that could be given to someone else, so we can do the things that really matter — the high value tasks.

Over the last four years as a speaker, author and mentor, my practice has outgrown its level of support — not once, but twice. On each occasion I made a decision to get help and not risk being overwhelmed — providing poor service to my clients and stagnating growth. I hired two full-time team members to help. Of course there is a cost in doing this, but what price do you put on reducing stress by getting the help you need so you can focus on things that really matter?

Sometimes we fail at our commitments, but all we may need is help — help that frees us to focus on what we do best, to deliver on our promises. Delegate or stagnate — it’s your choice.

The key to having it all is not doing it all.


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Christina Joy