When we have an idea and we launch a project, our knowledge of the new game, skills and experiences are often low. The critical step therefore in any successful project is in the doing.

In the beginning it’s essential the focus be on quantity, because self-doubt can cripple us the longer we go on without proof of success. When I launched my thought leaders practice in 2012, I believed that the fastest way to get to quality was to take massive action. I knew that the longer I took to get going with some evidence of success, the greater was the chance that I might fail.

I kept focused on the 5 Keys to Becoming a Million Dollar Expert, shared by Matt Church, the founder of Thought Leaders Global. These became part of the vision board I looked at every morning:

1.  Do the thought leadership
2.  Trust the system
3.  Obsess about positioning
4.  Overcome inertia
5.  Believe!

I lived and breathed these every day and now give thanks for what this learning and action has created. The fifth key of belief was the one that gave my conviction stamina. I believed that I would achieve what I set out to do. The critical step though was in the doing – in other words taking action.
Relentless implementation — overcoming inertia — is critical in the beginning.

Every Minute Counts and You Can Have It All! ®

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Christina Joy