Do you feel that there are non-believers everywhere in your life — in the home, at work and in your networks? Are there many people in your life who demonstrate many of the characteristics of a non-believer? Are they:

  • lacking purpose
  • lacking conviction and stamina
  • uninspired
  • rarely finishing
  • inconsistent
  • drained
  • pessimistic
  • paralysed by doubt
  • not believing that a better life is possible?

It’s important to realise that often our relationships are a reflection of who we are — our attitude, values and actions. Those who we choose to surround ourselves with have a significant influence on our life. That being the case, a great question to ask (and ask often) is, “Am I surrounded by those who reflect the best possible me?” If we are surrounded by non-believers it may be a reflection of us — the non-believer in us.

According to the Law of Attraction, like attracts like. So if like energy attracts like energy it would make sense to be the person you want to attract — attracting like-minded, winning attitudes. On the flip side remember that misery loves company, and so often victims attract other victims in a high-energy, powerful but not so attractive world of drama. And being surrounded by many does not guarantee you have attracted the right people.

Look around — who are you keeping company with? Are there many non-believers? Is your energy attracting them?

And a final thought. It’s best to love the one you’re with first — that’s you! So work on making your reflection beautiful to yourself, because there’s nothing more attractive than someone happy in her or his own skin. Then, before too long and without much effort, you will attract crowds of similarly happy and like-minded people — all reflecting and attracting greatness. When we start to love and respect ourselves and work on becoming a True Believer, we see fewer non-believers around us. You will be surrounded by a tribe of True Believers!

Ask often: “Mirror mirror on the wall, am I reflecting the best me to one and all?”

And be prepared to hear the answer.


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Christina Joy