It’s difficult to know or to find all the answers on your own. The success picture is incomplete without ongoing learning from the right people. The right people to learn from are those who have walked the path we want to walk — they have expertise and wisdom through their experiences. They save us a lot of time because they can advise us on the best next steps to take based on their knowledge and experiences.

At the same time, though, we can be easily influenced — particularly in the more vulnerable early stages of learning. In my opinion we have to be so careful — actually fierce — about who we listen to, about surrounding ourselves with those who can protect our self-belief. The wrong advice from people can undo our good work.

Education has changed. Now learning is not so much the old style teacher in a classroom just telling the student what to do. It’s now about the teacher as a facilitator of learning. That doesn’t mean we don’t need leadership, but it’s in a more collaborative way. Look for mentors and advisors who can work closely with you and facilitate your learning. I call these people True Believers.

There are five key benefits for surrounding ourselves with True Believers at work and in our personal life:

  1. learning
  2. support
  3. accountability
  4. contribution
  5. friendship

And here is the most powerful gift we can receive from (or give to) other True Believers. As a True Believer we can see the greatness they can’t yet see in themselves.

Belief helps to facilitate learning.


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