Let conviction be your fuel

Conviction creates energy — stamina for taking action in line with your values more consistently. This persistent action helps to maintain the direction you want to go in. Without the action you just have the why (the values) and the what (the decision) but you don’t reach your destination if you don’t take action. Some are accused of being all talk and no action – they speak like they have conviction but their actions are not congruent.


Conviction is the fuel that gives belief the stamina so we don’t quit before we get to our destination. As Paulo Coelho said, “ Don’t allow your mind to tell your heart what to do. The mind gives up easily.”


Conviction is like a flame that burns brightly and that’s hard to put out. But even when our fire goes a little dim — maybe when it’s time to rest and recharge for a while, the fire of conviction will fire again soon.


Resistance is often futile when it comes to being influenced by those with conviction. Those True Believers with conviction — who live by their values, are passionate and take consistent action — are well on their way to their finish line.


But what will ensure that we get to that finish?


Commitment – that’s where we use our conviction to deliver on the promises we make to ourselves.


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Christina Joy