Not just any type of busy

When we focus on what we value each day we have greater purpose and move forward in a valued direction. So rather than just being busy and getting things done we are busy getting the things done that really matter.

There is a difference between goals and values. Goals are the small ticks on the way that keep us busy but the values provide you with focus and purpose. When we don’t reach our goals we can feel disappointed and lose momentum. This is why you also need a direction based on your values. Value-based directions are more powerful than goals alone as they are based on the why and not just the what. This distinction is the difference between the everyday busy and purposeful busy.

The humble bee whose purpose is the simple act of pollinating plants by collecting nectar has a big purpose. Without this tiny creature we would starve. The food we need is a result of the hard, purposeful work of this and other insects. No pollination means no more plants. With no plants the animal kingdom would collapse. That’s a pretty big purpose I’d say. Like the bee, you too can live with purpose and have an important place in the world. Let’s never undervalue the power of one individual. Just as one little bee has a huge impact on the world, so can you! We all have a big purpose and sometimes it’s just waiting to be discovered.

Find out what you truly value – that’s the type of busy bee to be.

Every Minute Counts and You Can Have It All!™

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Christina Joy