Don’t be too patient

When your values and your passion are congruent they become the fuel for your conviction. And your why matters when it comes to conviction. Conviction comes from alignment with your values. How much conviction do you have towards living a life according to your values?

Conviction can sometimes be seen as impatience. Impatience is often criticised rather than praised, but I believe it’s an admirable quality. When you are impatient – driven towards the things you value, this restlessness may be just what’s needed to bridge the gap between where you are currently and where you want to be.

Dr Russ Harris, writes in The Reality Slap:

On one side is the reality we have, and on the other is the reality we want. And the bigger the gap between those two realities, the more painful the feelings that will arise: envy, jealousy, fear, disappointment, shock, grief, sadness, anger, anxiety, outrage, dread, guilt, resentment; perhaps even hatred, despair or disgust. And, whereas the slap is usually over quickly, the gap can persist for days, weeks, months, years and even decades.

We can’t be too patient as within the gap between where we are now and where we want to be lies much that can sabotage our success. Impatience is not so much about getting to your destination faster (although sometimes that’s a bonus), but the fuel for the journey. Let your conviction bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

I believe impatience is a virtue when the fuel is your why!

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Christina Joy