Seek long-term solutions

Life is often a daily search for solutions – solutions to problems big and small. But solutions can seem limited when there are a number of unresolved issues needing attention. Many turn to an easy, quick temporary fix. But the best way to solve life’s problems is by thinking ahead and committing to the long-term.

Let’s consider some common problems that may need attention:

Poor mental, physical or emotional health
Poor relationships with family, friends or work colleagues
Poor financial security.

We often choose a short-term fix when we can’t see immediate returns. Short-term fixes delay finding long-term solutions and increases the chance that our problems become long-term pain. Band-aids like alcohol, drugs, overworking, oversleeping, overeating, denial and excuses only serve to numb pain in the short-term.

Ironically, a quick fix, costs more time, energy and money in the long run as problems continue to surface. When we create a long-term solution now, we are most often rewarded with a very good return on investment well into the future. Leverage your success and create lasting fulfillment by making your solutions long-term.

It comes down to taking responsibility and committing to a better life by asking daily “is this decision/action/solution in my interest in the long-term?”

Those who commit to finding long-term solutions inspire and influence others and provide an opportunity to teach and share. They leave the world a better place as a result of their long-term solutions and create a life that rocks!

Seek long-term solutions – leave your legacy!

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