Change your internal environment

As we set out to create the life we want as a True Believer there are often changes to be made. Why does change sometimes seem so difficult? Given that there are no guarantees that change will be positive (or even possible!), self-doubt and fear can creep in and convince us to bury our ideas. A decision to avoid change is a decision to impede our growth.

To be a leader of change takes belief, conviction and commitment. We can also sometimes face loneliness as we disrupt the status quo. We recognise that we have invested our time and resources in habits that do not now support us. But often the hard and painful changes — the growing pains — are the link to our greatest rewards.

We may think a change is necessary when we are no longer satisfied with the returns that were once present. However, before we leap in and toss out our routines, job, partner, house, friends and family, we need to stop and be clear about what to change. Before we change our external environment, it’s best to look at the internal environment, as that may be all that needs a tweak or a shift in focus. Ignore the internal environment and there may be a lifetime of time and energy spent struggling with the external changes without growth.

True Believers create the changes within. Changes you want to see in the outside world start within you!

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Christina Joy


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