Commit to finish

Have you ever met a True Believer? I’m not talking the religious or political type. I’m talking about a person with so much belief, courage, conviction and resilience — so much commitment aligned to their values — that they almost don’t waver. These people know their true North.

I’ve been studying True Believers for over 30 years. As a little kid at school I would observe those who stood up and led and those who didn’t. I studied those — either with or without authority — who later went on as adults to turn cultures, companies and communities around. I try to be one myself, but more than anything, I have learnt from them.

True Believers:

  • get on with it rather than talking about it
  • get the things done that really matter
  • take responsibility and stay out of drama
  • stay focused knowing there will be setbacks
  • deliver on the promises they make to themselves and to others!

True Believers may make success look easy. But there is often an interesting back-story to a True Believers success that involves a lot of hard work. While it may look simple to the onlooker there is rarely an easy road to success.

True Believers know that life is like a marathon. In sprints it’s about who crosses the finish line first, but in marathons it’s about finishing. True Believers may or may not cross the finish line first but they finish marathons!

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Christina Joy