Life lessons

There’s no shortage of advice out there — advice on how to do things cheaper, faster and more effectively. But often our own experiences and expertise provides many of the answers we seek. We can learn from our life lessons.

Over the last 20 years as a mum, wife, business owner the three points below have become my mantra – my lessons for living a full and rich life.

Life Lesson 1: Look after yourself.
Life Lesson 2: Mix with the right people.
Life Lesson 3: Take responsibility for the life you want.

It’s about self-respect, forming a tribe and taking responsibility for your life. Rather than putting yourself second or third or even last because you “don’t have time”, True Believers know that they have to invest in themselves. With all life’s demands we can find ourselves at the bottom of the list, which causes stress, not only to ourselves, but also on all those close to you. We have to get back to the top of our list or for some just back on the list.

These have been my three major life lessons so far but I still I have a lot more to learn! And even in those times when life lessons cause pain, it’s important to remember that where there is pain there can be a wonderful opportunity for growth — when we take the lessons.

Success in life can be helped along by how well you learn your life lessons. It can be the cheapest, fastest and most effective way to fulfilment.

So what are your lessons? Are you taking your own good advice?

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Christina Joy