Live A Life That ROCKS!

Have you ever wished there was a checklist for reducing stress and increasing life satisfaction? Check out my eight tips for living a life that rocks by making every minute count…

1. Live life according to your values! 
When we live according to our values we get the things done that matter. Make it your personal responsibility to spend time on what is most important.

2. Rework your time!
Say no to low value tasks and yes to high value tasks. The first step is to decide which is which and the second is to act.

3. Having it all is NOT doing it all!
The key to having it all is not doing it all – do what is important and delegate (or delete!) the rest.

4. Results NOT Excuses!
Take responsibility, don’t make excuses, stay out of drama and have a bias for action. Make your motto Results Rock – Excuses Do Not! 

5. Make work your passion!
Be inspired, have hope and see the possibility for a better life with a greater purpose.  Do work that you love, with people that you love and with gratitude for life’s journey.

6. Self-first is NOT selfish!
Sometimes it is easy to overlook the one person that needs your focus – you. Know what you value and spend quality time on important activities and relationships.

7. Undress your ambition!
Once you’ve made a decision about what you want there’s a crucial step – the act of getting ‘undressed’ and revealing your aspirations. Fast track your success and shout your ambitions to the world!

8. Keep Dancing!
When life’s challenges arise, see a setback as just a step back and part of the dance of life and keep dancing!

Check off the list and get stress down and satisfaction up – live a life that rocks!

Every Minute Counts and You Can Have It All!™

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Christina Joy