Persistence is key to success. Being persistent influences the direction of our lives and keeps us in alignment with our values. Where there is persistence; discipline, courage and resilience exist as well as extraordinary and frequent rewards.

Persistence may not result in the desired outcome each and every time – it’s like a muscle and the more it’s used the stronger it gets.

Persistence is what’s required to stay on the path.
To keep our persistence strong we need to

– know our Why – the Why we are persisting
– create value-based directions rather than goals
– know our way forward
– not let the things that don’t matter to get in the way
– allow some discomfort – that’s part of the journey
– not be paralysed by fear of failure or success.

There are millions of small steps on life’s journey. Some of these steps don’t go according to the plan but they are all part of the plan. Sometimes the journey changes unexpectedly but the destination can remain the same – if we persist.
Those who persist experience the same challenges as those who quit – they just don’t quit! Like a muscle, with its memory stored in our brain – persistence too has memory. The memory is of the rewards that lie on the other side – the fulfilment achieved as a result of sticking with it time and time again.
They know that persistence is where reward comes often in a world where many often give up!

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Christina Joy