Keep dancing!

Life is like a dance – some are in the groove while some could do with a few dance lessons. Sadly some can’t hear any music at all and never dance. There’s a rather cool and simple dance of life called the Two Steps Forward, One Step Back Dance that I love to teach. It’s for those who want to keep moving, who see a step back as a part of the dance of life.

When things are not going your way do you sometimes find that one setback is followed by another? And then you lose momentum and motivation and end up giving up. Just look at all the New Year’s resolutions that are broken within weeks of being set. There’s an effective way to handle setbacks and perhaps all it takes are a few dance lessons.

The Two Steps Forward, One Step Back Dance

Turn the music on – dance to your own tune!
Take a few steps forward and celebrate your success.
Accept that a setback or step back is just the next step.
Keep your rhythm up and take the next steps forward.

I’ve met too many people who love to dance but don’t so here are some extra dance tips to get you moving!

The dance partner may change – keep dancing!
The audience may change – keep dancing!
The venue may change – keep dancing!
It’s ok to dance on your own – keep dancing!

When life’s challenges arise, see a setback as just a step back and part of the dance of life and keep dancing!

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