Be Commercially Smart!

On the road to commercial success it’s essential to remove the roadblocks. One major roadblock is jumping in and not thinking before we act. Clever people don’t just jump in and do – they say no more often, delegate effectively and link up with the right people. The commercially smart ask questions first to make every minute count!

Here are three key questions successful people ask before jumping in…

1.    Do I delete it? Clever people say no to low value tasks.
2.    Do I delegate it? Clever people focus on what is important.
3.    Do I share it? Clever people spend time with the right people.

Whether doing it yourself, delegating or sharing, asking questions before you act leverages success. We then work smarter and get to our destination in less time and as the saying goes “Time is money”.
The smart way to climb the ladder of success is to focus daily on getting the things done that matter. In that way you make sure the ladder you are climbing is actually leaning on the right wall – the commercially smart wall!

As a Thought Leaders Mentor, I help clever people to be commercially smart by supporting them to implement what they know and learn. Be commercially smart and make financial success a piece of your fulfilment puzzle.
Have you found this piece of the puzzle yet? Let me show you how!

Every Minute Counts and You Can Have It All!™

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Christina Joy