Feel It In Advance!

One of the most successful tools you can develop is visualisation. By creating a mental image of what you want and then feeling the emotion associated with it you move closer to achievement. This powerful skill will test clarity, drive productivity and maintain motivation, all essential elements for getting the outcomes you want in life.

Whether your target is losing weight, a pay rise, delivering a talk, asking someone out on a date, completing study, writing a book, a holiday, paying off debt or to have your best sales month ever, the key is to imagine and feel you have reached your destination in advance.

Why imagine and feel what you have achieved before you are actually there?

1. It tests clarity: When we are clear we are more likely to succeed. When we test our strong desire, by checking into how we feel about what we are going for, we clarify our purpose. If the outcome doesn’t light you up, it may be time to choose a new target. Our feelings towards our desired outcome are like a barometer for clarity.
2. It drives productivity: As we proceed, it helps us to focus, persist and do the work as well as to enjoy the process along the way.
3. It maintains motivation: It helps us to start, continue and finish – rather than quit when the going gets tough! Increased motivation will often get us there quicker.
4. It provides satisfaction: By using mental pictures and feeling the emotion we can enjoy the journey rather than just enjoying the outcome.

Spend a few minutes daily, close your eyes, feel in advance the joy of getting what you want – that you’ve made it! Then open your eyes – and do it!
It’s not just about the feeling; it’s about that feeling driving you to take action.

You have to feel it!

Every Minute Counts and You Can Have It All!™

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Christina Joy


  1. Terry Sweeney on September 25, 2013 at 6:53 am

    Great post Christina!!