All Thought and Talk and No Action!

So you know what you want and that’s great. But how much of your time is spent on thinking or talking about what you want and what you should be doing rather than actually doing it? Are you all thought and talk and no action?

Do you:

* Have thoughts of success without taking action to be commercially smart.
* Have lots of coffee dates and meetings to talk about what you intend to do.
* Use language like I’m going to lose weightI’m going to get organisedI’m going to have my best year yet or I wish I could live by the waterI wish I had a partner and I wish I had more money.

These common phrases should ring alarm bells – alarms that says STOP PROCRASTINATING!
Success surely does leave clues. Successful people think carefully first, they talk with a few people and then they quickly get on with it. They rarely say I’m going to or I wish. They often say I will and I did!
After over two decades in sales and leadership, I have observed and mentored many. Winners are active, not passive, they don’t waste time just thinking and talking about doing something – they get the things done that matter. They take personal responsibility.
Deliver on the promises you make to yourself.  Think, talk AND take action!

Every Minute Counts and You Can Have It All!™

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Christina Joy