Hit Your TARGET!

It may not necessarily be easy, but the way to reach your desired destination is often more simple than you think. When we get clear and stay focussed we are more likely to hit our TARGET!

Think back over the last few years – have you set a goal and not reached it? Don’t be surprised – it happens to all of us. And did you get frustrated and annoyed with yourself for not reaching your goal? When this happens time and time again we can lose motivation, start feeling stuck and settle for a mediocre life.
As the author of How To Have It All I’ve identified key characteristics of those who maintain motivation and consistently hit their TARGET. They reject mediocre and live a life that rocks! I’ve created a model that shows you how.

But before we get going in any direction – let’s stop and start at the beginning. It starts with deciding why you want to hit your chosen TARGET. Without a strong why many miss hitting their TARGET all their life. Finding clarity by getting super clear about your why is what will drive your productivity, fuel your discipline and lead you to your desired destination.
The secret to success is not so much deciding what your target is but why you want that TARGET.
Get clear, stay focused and hit your TARGET!

Every Minute Counts and You Can Have It All!™

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Christina Joy