Courageous Action Is The Gateway To Fulfilment!

There are fears we speak of and fears we don’t. The fears we don’t acknowledge are often the ones that keep us awake at night and give us the greatest pain. These are the ones that – when faced – become our greatest salvation. Success awaits those with courage to face their fears and take action.

When the inevitable tough times arrive fear is often what keeps us stuck in the rut. Fears and emotions can paralyse but moving forward is as simple as making a decision. If action is the vehicle to move us forward, courage is the fuel needed to drive us from a difficult to a desired destination. Without this fuel we are immobile. No matter how stuck you may feel, courage can get you moving again.

The tough times don’t have to last but the tough people do. Overcoming life’s challenges and curve balls provides enormous strength and resilience. And each time you fuel up with courage and drive forward you gain tools and wisdom to take you through to the next opportunity.
Clever people seek to understand what they fear. They know that on the other side of facing your fear lies spectacular growth and results. Rather than living in fear, learn what you are fearful of and take courageous action – it’s the gateway to a fulfilled life.

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Christina Joy


  1. Jane sanders on July 23, 2013 at 9:32 pm

    Thank you – needed to remind myself how courageous
    I am today – this did