Be Contagious!

How do you show up each day? Are you enthusiastic – driven by excitement or perhaps lacking a zest for life or some oomph? Some say that nothing great can be achieved without enthusiasm – it’s key to attracting what you desire. In fact enthusiastic people can be difficult to resist and their joy becomes contagious. Infectious enthusiasm is your SUPERPOWER for gigantic success!

Enthusiasm is our SUPERPOWER that strengthens us in the face of our own or others pessimism, apathy, indifference, doubt, fear or tiredness. Enthusiasm allows us to push through to our desired destination.

How do you find and maintain your enthusiasm?

1. Focus on what’s important – know your WHY!
2. Get things done that matter each and every day.
3. Spend time being infected by enthusiastic people.
4. Accept that some will reject your enthusiasm – they’re just not infected – yet!

Successful people stay enthusiastic even when they get knocked down or rejected. They get back up quickly by drawing on their SUPERPOWER – enthusiasm! Let your enthusiasm show in your face and body, in what you say and do. And get your daily dose of enthusiasm by looking out for enthusiastic people to hang around with.

Not knowing why you do what you do is what Kryptonite is to Superman – it will bring you to your knees and take your power away. Live life with a strong WHY and every day get things done that matter – this is where your enthusiasm SUPERPOWER lies.

Every Minute Counts and You Can Have It All!™

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Christina Joy