Lean The Ladder On The Right Wall!

There are so many stories of people climbing the ladder of success.

I’ve been in business nearly 20 years – highly successful in my industry, personally productive, with highly productive and profitable teams. I’ve always been obsessed with productivity!

Being productive was a necessity – for me, my family and as a business leader. In my real estate career I was juggling me, husband, son, daughter, family, friends, sellers, buyers, team, career all while building and renovating several houses. It was rewarding and hectic.

My team achieved brilliant results and built and maintained an excellent reputation. We won industry awards and recognition. A CD circulated the country highlighting our achievements. The wealth was also fantastic.

Something was missing.

I was getting things done, I was highly productive BUT I still didn’t feel like I was fulfilled. There was still something missing. There was one area I was ignoring, burying under the stage makeup – hoping it would just go away. Until, one day, I couldn’t get out of bed. My nerves were “shot.” It took a while but I realised that I was burnt out from climbing what I thought was the ladder of success. I had overlooked the BIG PURPOSE of my life. I was missing my true purpose.
Yes, I was productive and I had achievements BUT the fulfilment side wasn’t complete.

A common story

This is my story, but you would be surprised how common it is. So many of us climb the ladder of success to wake up one day to find that their ladder is actually leaning on the wrong wall.

A tipping point

What we do next in these challenging times is crucial to our success.
I made a decision not to be passive and not to settle. This was the tipping point in my life.

Lean the ladder on the achievement AND fulfilment wall

So I became obsessed with achievement combined with fulfilment. I wanted to have it all. I cracked the formula for me, my family and for my clients. This is the story of how I found my BIG PURPOSE – my legacy. I now help people to get things done that matter – how to create achievement AND fulfilment – how to have it all.

My advice:
Check often that your ladder of success is leaning on the right wall!

Every Minute Counts and You Can Have It All!™

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Christina Joy