Awareness – What’s really going on?

What’s beneath the stage make up?

Who do you think has it all?

Some people look like they have it all, but when you get to the back-story you realise that they haven’t. It looks like their marriage rocks and their kids are perfectly balanced, they appear to have heaps of money, flashy houses and cars but they are actually struggling and going further into debt, or their health or relationships are fading.

It’s like fear is masquerading as calm.

Problem is it’s exhausting trying to fake the fact that you are actually drained. Many clients have described this as “the biggest act of their lives.” Many are doing it tought, hiding under the stage make-up. The stage and stage -make up becomes a metaphor for life and what we are trying to conceal.

Taking off the stage make-up

Many very successful people are not happy. It looks like they have it all on the surface, but they are actually not fulfilled. When I sit with high achievers, whether an executive, a team or one of my private clients I ask, “So how are you going, how’s life?” All of a sudden the successful person crumbles, the stage make-up gets wiped off, and they reveal to me that they have achievement, but it’s without fulfilment.

Before we can move towards fulfilment

In order to know how to move forward, we need to stand still and take a detailed look and be aware of where we are now. For this we need to “take off the stage make-up,” really look in the mirror, and ask ourselves a few tough questions.

“What is the truth about where my life is now, across all areas?”

Uncovering the Truth 

Our current situation may not be serving us well and may be doing us harm. When we uncover the truth of what’s going on, we can get help and promote the opportunity for change. Until we know where we are now, it is a futile exercise to start planning where we want to go.


This step of knowing and taking responsibility for our fulfilment is awareness.
Before we head for a better life, we must ask an important question:

What’s really going on?

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