To Reach Fulfilment Be Specific – not general!

Throughout our lives our results are measured: at school, at work, socially, and medically at the doctor. But when do we measure our fulfilment levels?

Generally speaking

When you are feeling sustained you might make statements such as:

  • I feel great
  • I feel energetic
  • I feel happy.

When you are feeling drained you might make statements such as:

  • I feel hopeless
  • I feel exhausted
  • I feel unhappy.

Stop being general and start being specific

General statements like “Things don’t work out for me” or “Why should I bother – everything is fine” can be harmful because they:

  • Keep us in DRAMA believing things are worse than what they really are.
  • Keep us in DENIAL believing things are better than what they really are.

DENIAL and DRAMA make for very unstable foundations. Unstable foundations are common pillars of mediocrity.

Specifically where are you sustained or drained?

Consider all the different areas of life and specifically ask:

Am I sustained in this specific area?
Am I drained in this specific area?

  • Health
  • Personal development
  • Family life
  • Personal life/love/romance
  • Friendships
  • Recreation/hobbies/fun
  • Holidays
  • Finances/income/expenses
  • Passive income potential
  • Work achievements/relationships

After an in-depth analysis across specific categories we can begin to measure our fulfilment levels – learn more in the How To Have It All book and workshops.

We can then see what’s really going on and know what area of our life might need rebuilding. Like any great structure the foundations must be strong. We can build strong foundations – brick by brick.

Fulfilment comes once every area of life has been carefully considered, nurtured and sometimes rebuilt.

The key is to be specific – not general.

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