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I acknowledge the wonderful timesaving advantages of technology in a rapidly changing world. There are enormous gains to be had at work and in life by using ICT well. Nevertheless, the time we are spending on social media, surfing the net, emails is having an impact. It reduces the time we spend on ourselves – nurturing our health, relationships, recreation, and achievements.

Is this connection causing disconnection from what’s important?

With our mobile devices at hand 24/7 we are constantly connected with the outside world and often disconnected from what is important. How is the technology playing out for you?

*  Where once families would chat together on a car trip, we are now connected to our devices, removed from those around us.
* Where once we would sit around the family dinner table and talk, devices distract us.
* Where once children played outside, they are now logged on, causing increasing social and health issues.
* Where once a couple would chat together at night, we are connected to social media, communicating with others outside our homes – potentially fatal to a relationship.

Managing the technology connection

Some of the most effective people I know manage the technology connection by setting boundaries – limiting the impact of the technology to allow focus on what’s important. There’s no special skill set required – just a surprisingly large amount of discipline.
Here are three tips that I have seen work well.

  1. Turn off the TV during meal times and talk with each other – then the no screens until the kitchen is clean rule!
  2. Remove devices from children’s rooms at homework and bedtime.
  3. Choose one day a week as a no screen day – ideal for days with family and friends.

As a parent – practice what you preach. How can we as parents set down boundaries for our children – help them to learn what’s ‘right’ – when we aren’t doing the same?

This discipline to manage the use of technology comes from an unwavering dedication towards what’s really important in any given moment. It’s about connection – at appropriate times in appropriate quantities.
Sometimes connection requires disconnection.

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Christina Joy