STOP The Cover-up!

There’s a major cover-up going on – in homes, workplaces and communities. Our standard of living is going up but, for many, the quality of life is going down. On the treadmill of life, it is often easier and quicker to look for short-term fixes to find relief and numb the pain and cover up the truth. Finding the solutions to a better quality of life begins when we STOP the cover-up and start treating the cause.

The World Health Organization reports that depression is the fourth costliest and most incapacitating sickness in the world – by 2020 it will be second. One in five people will suffer depression at some point in their lifetime.

Among the frustration, stress and strain, many look for relief to cover-up underlying issues. Relief can come in many forms like painkillers, drugs, cigarettes, alcohol or sleeping tablets. We can use avoidance techniques like procrastination, oversleeping, overeating, over socializing and overworking. Although the cover-up offers temporary relief and often pleasure it simply acts as a band-aid. These major issues beg for more permanent relief.

The solution does come with some discomfort as often “the truth hurts”. It requires us to find the cause of the pain and work out what needs fixing. What is it that keeps you awake at night? What causes your pain? When we STOP the cover up and find our truth the journey towards fulfilment begins.

STOP the cover-up, reveal the truth and START to live a better quality life!

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Christina Joy


  1. Terri Cooper on May 22, 2013 at 12:25 am

    Christina – I agree – and the biggest hurdle is to realise that this kind of depression is nothing to do with being "sad" It cannot be "fixed" by phrases like "just snap out of it – there are lots worse off than you" etc etc This kind of depression can be in the form of a hopelessness coming from overwhelm with issues that seem out of our control. There seems no point in even talking about it as we think it cannot be "fixed" so we sink deeper and deeper into the hole. No wonder sufferers of depression label it as "headache, migraine, back pain etc" anything so that it is recognised by family, peers and co-workers as a "legimate" illness. Much work needs to be done to turn around the thinking around depression – maybe start by changing the name so it is not linked with the feeling of sadness. Just my thoughts …