Take A Courageous LEAP!

While decisions are the starting point, we often need courage to act, to persist and to finish. Courage comes when the decision and desire to change triumphs over our debilitating fears. High achievers know this secret and make decisions, take action and create amazing outcomes in spite of their fears. Courage is the gateway to a fulfilled life.

Courage requires you to first acknowledge fearful thoughts and understand that these thoughts shouldn’t stop you from taking action in your chosen direction. I believe our ability to show courage is directly related to a strong desire for a new outcome. If the desire for the outcome is weak, you will not act or will not follow through.
In exercising courage, there is a period of discomfort.

Through taking action in spite of fear and experiencing the positive outcomes over time, a sense of belief develops. Then, as the results increase, so does the courage, as well as a willingness to act, despite the fears. Then, there is the most liberating and exhilarating discovery – on the other side of taking courageous action lies the most spectacular growth and life outcomes.

There are fears we speak of and fears that we don’t, those that keep us awake at night and often give us the greatest pain. These are the ones that, if faced, can be our greatest salvation. Success awaits those with courage to face their fears and act anyway.
Rather than living in fear, learn what you are fearful of and take action – it’s the gateway to a fulfilled life. Go on take a courageous leap!

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Christina Joy