Invest In Personal Effectiveness

There is a direct link between our own personal effectiveness and our level of success. There is also a direct relationship between the personal effectiveness of a leader, their people and the success, profitability and sustainability of their business or organisation.

When we measure success in business we often look at these areas:

* Happy customers and repeat business
* High profits
* Low absenteeism of staff
* Low staff turnover.

Research shows that happier employees equal low absenteeism and turnover. By focusing on getting the best from the people within our team means we are better placed to deliver value to our customers. This in turn results in an improved bottom line.

It starts with the people

First and foremost we need to focus our attention on the people in our team. We need to find ways to engage them individually and collectively in the vision. Only then can we step back and encourage and guide them to work out the most effective way of delivering on this vision.
Investing in the people within has a positive effect throughout the workplace. Being personally effective also has a ripple effect flowing through teams resulting in lower turnover and absenteeism, happier customers and high profits. Fulfilled and effective people lead to a successful, profitable and sustainable business.
The measure of good leadership is more than just the bottom line – it’s a more effective self, family, team and a better world. It starts with personal effectiveness!

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Christina Joy