Be Grateful!

Every new day is a chance to celebrate your very precious life. When we wake up each day we have a choice to either focus on what is or what isn’t. When we stop being a victim to what isn’t and start being grateful for all that is – life gets a whole lot better. I promise!

I reckon a few minutes of gratitude beats the alternative of waking up like this:

Oh great (sarcastically) it’s morning!
Oh it’s you! (Look sideways at your partner)
I’m so tired, how am I going to get through today!
I’ve got so much to do – life sucks!
Ho hum – another day another dollar…
Role on the weekend!
OMG it’s only Wednesday!
I just want to go back to sleep!

Being grateful is the first step to keeping what you want to keep in your life. If we focus on what we do have at the start of each day, it has an enormous positive impact on our day ahead. The trick is to begin each day spending a few minutes giving gratitude within minutes after you wake – whilst you are still lying in bed.

Find several things to be grateful for. Who knows you may even glance beside you and give gratitude to that significant other lying next to you.
Be grateful for the simple things too. Like a sunny day, cuddles, a good cup of coffee and this lucky country we live in…. Then of course don’t forget the BIG ones like love, health and maybe even your wealth.
The best option is to practice gratitude daily and see a better world around you. The bonus is the world gets to see you a whole lot better too. Keep the gratitude coming all day long and share it openly with others. Gratitude is contagious – just another reason to be grateful!

Every Minute Counts and You Can Have It All!™

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Christina Joy