Cure Mental Paralysis With Physical Activity!

Self-doubt can paralyse and hold us back from finding fulfilment. The surest way to manage self-doubt is to move forward and take action despite our negative mindset.

One year, at the Pittard Australasian Real Estate Awards, I remember sitting with my team, watching the winners go up on stage and feeling inspired. We decided we wanted our office to have that success.
Although the desire was strong there was an underlying fear. Fear of whether we could do it and fear of the disappointment if we didn’t get there – particularly considering our starting point was a sales office that had never exceeded $75,000 net profit per year!

My new appointment as leader that year brought opportunity – but there were doubts.
Regardless of these doubts we set two specific targets:

1. to reach $300,000 net profit by the end of the next financial year.
2. to win The Most Improved Office of The Year at the next awards.

We had a lot of work to do but it all started with the belief that it was possible followed by the decision to act. It was a challenging year but we pushed through. After 12 months the sales team of three made an astounding 412% increase in net profit or $384,000! And we also won The Most Improved Office of The Year. What a great result, which increased to a further $518,000 net profit the following year – in the sales department alone!

Believe it’s possible, allow self-doubt to exist and act anyway. There are four steps to help cure mental paralysis – they are my 4 D’s:

1. DECIDE what you want.
2. Act with DISCIPLINE regardless of self-doubt.
3. Keep moving in the right DIRECTION.
4. Focus on your DESTINATION daily!

Even when we know what we want stress can sometimes overwhelm us and “freeze” our ability to achieve. As we push through our fear a new mental state can emerge bringing with it greater conviction.
It’s not self-belief that’s essential to success – it’s having the courage to act in the face of self-doubt until self-belief turns up.
Self-belief is a by-product of taking action!

Every Minute Counts and You Can Have It All!™

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Christina Joy