Check In To A Better Life!

A valuable productivity tip is to create something once and use it often – like a checklist. It may take a bit of time up front BUT we save lots of time later. The create once and use often strategy saves time, energy, headspace and money plus reduces stress and allows you to get the things done that matter.

Here’s why!

Checklists for routine tasks mean you don’t have to start at the beginning every time wasting precious time. We reduce our ‘to-do’ lists to one off tasks not repeat tasks!
The simplest way to set up a checklists is on an excel spreadsheet and place them where you can use them easily. For example; the shopping checklist in your wallet, the packing checklist in your bedroom, the best recipe checklist in the pantry, the children’s activities checklist in their rooms and the work targets and results checklist in the office.

In How To Have It All I’ve listed 16 checklists ideas that will help you increase your productivity.
By being organised with good systems in place we can

* Reduce stress and maintain order over chaos
* Focus on high value tasks.
* Leverage our time by allocating tasks to others
* Drive productivity and form great habits
* Achieve more and maintain motivation
* Find fulfilment and move faster towards a life that rocks!

The next step is to revise the checklists as the need arises. Cynthia Montgomery says, ”What’s been forgotten is that strategy is not a destination or a solution. It’s not a problem to be solved and settled. It’s a journey. It needs continuous, not intermittent, leadership.”
It’s time to check-in to a better life – be more productive and get things done that matter!

Every Minute Counts and You Can Have It All!™

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