Self-first Is Not Selfish!

In life we give so much of ourselves – physically, psychologically, emotionally and financially – to help and support our family and friends. Sometimes is it easy to overlook the one person that needs your help and support the most – and that’s you.

There’s no doubt that raising young children is an exhausting time. I remember when my kids were little, solitude was leaning against the shower wall, eyes closed, water running or closing the toilet door for a tranquil moment.

For most it’s not easy to achieve some “self” time, mainly because of our nature: our nature is to give to others first. We fear being labeled as selfish if we do focus on ourselves.

The act of putting your self first is not selfish when you understand the benefits, not only to yourself, but those important to you. Self-care, self-love, self-focus, self-first is a gift to you AND a gift to others. By presenting a less stressed and more fulfilled you – like the pebble in the pond, the ripples are felt all around.

I had the pleasure of presenting this idea to a group at The Fantastic Female Friends in Real Estate on the Gold Coast last week. These women juggle so much – I know as I have walked their path. I explained that the best and safest way to help others is to work on a more effective you!

How can that be selfish?

Every Minute Counts and You Can Have It All!™

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Christina Joy


  1. Gabby Lelsie on November 18, 2012 at 3:26 am

    I think it is so important to give to yourself. It can be a bit like budgeting time and that way there is more balance in your life. I am constantly think of different ways to enhance the quality of my life. This way, I find that I end up being able to give to others more effectively because I have the mindset of giving to myself. I am able to ask better questions such as how do they think they can improve on things etc. instead of being controlling and only saying what I may want a 'friend' to do. One needs to be responsible to themselves as an indi
    vidual first and then you will find your way to responding to other people. Gabby