Lighten Up On Your Weaknesses!

Amplifying your strengths is one of the fastest ways to excel in life. But sometimes we can get caught up obsessing about our weaknesses while our strengths sit unnoticed. In reality many weaknesses can remain what they are and may even offer a little light relief.

Weaknesses that can’t be changed

My weakness is my poor sense of direction. My inner GPS is out!

When staying at a hotel it takes days before I can leave my room and turn in the right direction for the lifts. I’ve been known to head for the North Coast, stop off on the higway for petrol to discover I’ve headed towards the South Coast. I’ve even had a few buyers follow me in circles when they were meant to be following me to a house, until I finally had to wave them past so I could follow them there instead. No surprises that one of my most trusted advisors is the satellite navigation woman.

Although I know scientific evidence explains this common “fault” in women (and some men!) I once worked hard to try to hide this fact. Then I accepted what can’t be changed. Now I just laugh at myself and share my geographical mishaps with friends and family.

Don’t take your weaknesses so seriously

When we accept certain weaknesses and don’t fight or hide them – there are benefits for us and those around us.

1. We are seen as more ‘real’ and that’s attractive.
2. We have more time and energy to work on our strengths.
3. We lighten up and enjoy life more!

Navigate your way by amplifying and developing your strengths. Accept and laugh at the weaknesses that can’t be changed.

What weaknesses can you lighten up on?

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Christina Joy