Undress your ambition!

Once you’ve made a decision about what you want there’s a crucial success step that’s often missed. It’s the act of getting ‘undressed’ and revealing your aspirations. Going ‘naked’ with your ambitions is a way to fast track your success. As the saying goes, “You can’t sell a secret” – so shout your ambitions to the world!

Why do our deep desires often remain a secret?

Generally there are three common reasons we don’t share our ambitions.

  1. Fear of failure – what if I don’t reach my goal?
  2. Fear of rejection – what will others think of me/my goal?
  3. Fear of success – am I ready? Am I good enough for this?

The benefits of going naked!

* It’s liberating to speak your truth out loud!

* A declaration holds you accountable.

* Naysayers drop away saving you precious time and energy.

* Ambitions become reality reducing your stress and increasing fulfilment.

WARNING! Going naked can be tough…

When you decide and declare what you want don’t expect everyone to support you. You may find that some won’t. Actually you may only have one or two supporters of your ambition in the beginning. But don’t let this sway you and don’t let this stop you. Face fear and avoid procrastination by declaring your ambition.

It’s time to get undressed – undressed for success!

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Christina Joy