Trusting the unknown path ahead

When it comes to success, there is one element that has a big impact. Trust is an essential and powerful ingredient for success momentum. Taking the next courageous step; them trusting the sometimes-unknown path ahead is key.

When I resigned from my life as a real estate office leader I knew it was the right decision. However I didn’t know what the next step was going to be. It was a tough six months, but I decided I needed time to make the right next decision. I looked after myself — with meditation, exercise, the right books, good support, and loving friends — and started to find peace. But there was still no decision on what I would be doing for work. The savings were being used up and the pressure was being felt financially. I was just managing to keep the properties. Despite these external forces, I could feel in advance that I would find my new purpose. I had trust that everything would be okay despite the fact the path ahead was mostly unknown.

All of a sudden I had a desire to write the solutions to the problems many faced. I would write for hours every day — not knowing who would ever read it. What I wrote was later to become my first book. As a result of my successes and failures, and my recent major tipping point, and with all the learning along the way, I began to document statistics, case studies, stories and solutions.

Then past real estate colleagues invited me to a leadership convention in the hope that they would lure me back into real estate — in the hope I would ‘come to my senses’. That day I sat in the convention, knowing that leaving real estate was the right decision. This day was a test of my clarity and a necessary milestone.

Then the next presenter came on stage — Matt Church, Australia’s premier keynote speaker. Unlike any of the other speakers who came on that day, he shared a message that resonated. He said that the number one reason why good people leave businesses is that “…they want their own legacy”. The word legacy made my heart race – I knew that it was time to work on my vision once again. Matt Church, also the founder of Thought Leaders Global, shared how he helps people capture, package and deliver messages that solve people’s problems and in doing so help raise consciousness on the planet. That same afternoon I booked in to the next course. And so began the next step towards creating a new life — I had new hope. And I had already started to capture my thoughts and was on my way again.

That was in 2012 – five years ago this month, and having just returned from three days at Thought Leaders Business Schoolimmersion, and seeing 150 students and faculty working towards sharing their living legacy, is a great reminder that our impact on this planet can often only be realised by making courageous decisions and actions – all fuelled by trusting the path ahead, a path at times unknown.

P.S. If you are at the very beginning of a similar transition and would like to consider this path, the Thought Leaders Preparatory Program may be your courageous next step.

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Christina Joy