The self-discipline muscle

Self-discipline is an essential ingredient for life satisfaction. Without self- discipline we would only do the things we wanted to do, when we wanted to, giving us short bursts of satisfaction. Top achievers have the ability to do the things they know should be done, even when they don’t want to do them. Why?

Exactly that – you have to have a strong “why.” Self-discipline comes from having a strong “why” in relation to the reason we do things. This comes from clarity around our values and taking action.

One of the top values that my clients consistently share is their health. That’s no surprise. What is surprising is that although health is of extremely high value it is very often extremely low on the to do list. The top priority is getting low action. There is an absence of their compelling reason, the “why”. Self- discipline comes as a result of finding your “why.” Self-discipline becomes the driving force towards reaching our desired destination – after we have decided what really matters. Any discomfort associated with doing the action takes a backseat.

The undisciplined say “I don’t want to – so I won’t.”
The disciplined say, “even though I don’t want to – I’ll do it anyway.”

The self-discipline muscle can be strengthened with frequent use. Like any exercise, if you stop, you will lose the muscle. The good thing is that with a bit of training, you can become strong and effective again.

Are you exercising your self-discipline muscle?

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