It’s time to respect your time

The most common reason we give for not getting things done is…I don’t have time. The moment we give a reason we give justification for why we think, say or do what we do, hindering the opportunity for change. When we stop giving reasons and start taking responsibility in every minute and every moment – life gets a whole lot better, including our MOJO!

So what’s your reason for not having time?

The statement I don’t have time is everywhere – everybody says it at some point. It’s the reason for not getting the things done that matter – like exercise, healthy eating, quality time with loved ones, relaxation, self development and great results at work.

What we could say is “I don’t have time for the less important tasks I do that add no value to my life” or “I have no time to waste on the things that don’t matter”.

Ask high achievers and they will admit that life is busy but that there is time if you only do the things that matter… the things that truly add value. The one thing high achievers don’t have time for is wasting time. They all say the key to more time is not wasting time on the things that don’t matter!

Time is one of the greatest resources…

The ultimate responsibility in life is being responsible for how you choose to spend your time, without reason and without regret. When we stop giving reasons and take action in every minute and every moment – life is extraordinary.

Every minute counts. It’s time to get things done that matter!

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Every Minute Counts and You Can Have It All! ®

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