The power of belief

It’s no surprise that one of the three superpowers of a True Believer is belief. Belief is often where we have vision without proof. Belief, even without the evidence, gives us certainty and confidence in the existence of something.

1. Vision — what’s important
In 1963 Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his powerful I Have a Dream speech to over 250,000 people – a speech that still inspires today. Later King became the youngest person to win the Nobel Peace Prize.  The speech is significant in demonstrating the power to create a better reality through the idea of a dream — a belief in a better tomorrow. Many said his dream would never become a reality. But during this time African Americans achieved more progress toward racial equality than in the previous 350 years.

Never underestimate the power of one person’s vision — of hope, freedom, justice, peace, or any vision — to affect change.  Deciding what is truly important is how we create our vision.

2. Reality — manage doubt

When we have a strong vision we have certainty and belief — without a shadow of doubt — that we will get there. But with every belief and vision comes a constant stream of doubt. Part of belief is to manage the doubt that can insert itself between our vision and our current reality.

3. Positive delusion — feel it in advance
Delusion is a belief held with conviction regardless of the strong evidence to the contrary. In most cases you will hear about delusion in the context of a mental illness. But there is a type of delusion that is not an illness and this is positive delusion.

Positive delusion allows us to remain in a positive state in our own mind — contrary to what is the reality around us and increases our ability to persist towards the vision and to influence outcomes. With positive delusion we are creating positive narratives to hold us until success shows up.

Those with strong belief are unshakeable and unwavering in their opinion and their actions. Without belief the other superpowers of conviction and commitment lie dormant.

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