Diminisher to multiplier

Each event in life has the possibility of sustaining or draining us. And although there are many factors that affect our well being, a negative outlook and the accompanying emotions are a good barometer of how we are going. When we are tired, sad, angry, guilty, fearful or worried, this is draining. A long period of being drained prevents us from being fulfilled and can lead to serious problems in our health, relationships and work.

Those who exhibit such a negative attitude are the Diminishers. They cause decline within themselves and those around them by diminishing or lessening the value of everything.

Feeling drained and causing drain, they make statements such as:

  • I feel — they make me feel — hopeless.
  • I feel — they make me feel — unsupported.
  • I feel — they make me feel — exhausted.
  • I feel — they make me feel — unhappy.
  • I feel — they make me feel — angry.
  • It’s not my fault — it’s their fault!

These statements cause further decline as they:

  • keep us in drama believing things are worse than what they really are
  • keep us in denial believing the problem is always because of something outside ourselves.

Drama and denial make for very unstable foundations. And these unstable foundations commonly build towards mediocrity for the Diminisher. The solution starts when we identify the problem — when we uncover the truth behind the emotions and fix what needs fixing.

Moving from being a Diminisher is one step closer to helping yourself and those around you. Aspire to live the life of a Multiplier.

Amplify your value out into the world.

Create a life you truly value by reflecting on the past and being a powerful creator of a 2019 you’ve chosen. Let me help you, click here to find out how.

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