The non-believer in you

When self-doubt shows up in our thoughts it can overpower our beliefs and we become a non-believer. Sometimes we don’t realise that we have become riddled with doubt and that we are preventing our own success and that of those around us.

Being a non-believer does not have to be a permanent state. But in order to move away from this difficult way of being, it does require us to first identify if we are currently a non-believer and then to make the changes required – this is our salvation and tipping point to a brighter possibility as a True Believer.

Once we identify that we are a non-believer we are already on our way as we are no longer unaware or in denial. The non-believer in you will then be a distant memory once we master these five success steps:

  1. Expire the old stuff
  2. Undress your ambition
  3. Feel it in advance
  4. Cringe at excuses
  5. Expect setbacks.

In life there is so much to get done and we give so much of ourselves — physically, psychologically, emotionally and financially — to help and support others. Sometimes is it easy to overlook the one person who needs your help and support the most and that’s you. The act of putting yourself first is not selfish when you understand the benefits, not only to yourself, but those important to you.

When it comes to non-believers – work on the non-believer in you first!

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