How to be a True Believer

Many wish their dreams would come true – imagining what their life could be. True Believers don’t wish – they turn dreams into reality by igniting the three superpowers for success – belief, conviction and commitment.

The starting line: get in the game.

As we begin the marathon that is our life, we are full of belief, but it’s a vision without proof. We know what we want the finish line to look like but there’s no evidence. However our belief at the beginning of the journey is a force of nature that drives us. Self-belief brings hope, trust and resilience for the game ahead.

The journey: play and stay in the game

As the game progresses it’s belief that drives you towards the finish line. It doesn’t matter what knocks you get, who says you can or you can’t — conviction is that quality that gives stamina to our belief. When we know why and what we want and how to get there, we persist. True Believers don’t quit!

Cross the finishing line: finish the game

As we near the finish line, powered by our belief and conviction, there is a consistent commitment to delivering on the promises we make. Commitment is where reward comes in a world where many often give up. The focus that determines a successful finish is decision, direction and discipline. True Believers finish marathons — they commit to finishing!

When we master these three qualities we can move forward with extraordinary success in both business and life.

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Christina Joy