Relationships that matter

There’s no denying that there are many components to creating successful relationships. At the top of the list lies our ability to communicate well, but also important is to communicate regularly. True Believers strive towards meaningful relationships that matter.

Successful relationships, those that are sustainable, are built on:

  • quality
  • frequency
  • consistency.

Without these you may be forgotten — you may become a stranger.

Relationships take work. Many start well and build to a point where they flourish. Others fold, with the parties becoming strangers. I know that my team’s success in real estate was due to the frequent and consistent quality touch points with clients. Every seller received several touch points every week. When it came to listing, selling, referrals and repeat business, our results were in direct proportion to how often we communicated with our clients.
Have genuine care, be frequent and consistent and don’t just show it once in a while. Add value to others and see the abundance that will surround you in all areas of life!

I can hear you thinking, “If only I had more time to put into my relationships.” Well that’s an easy fix. It’s not about having huge numbers of relationships. On the contrary, it’s about the quality hours you put in to your relationships that matter. Time can never be an excuse when you live life according to your values – when a value is meaningful relationships.

When it comes to relationships — don’t be a stranger — be there and show you care.

That’s what True Believers do.

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