Culture matters

Culture most certainly does matter when it comes to both our work and our outside work life. Great tribes have great culture. A tribe of True Believers can turn the culture around in our:

  • homes
  • schools
  • colleges and universities
  • neighbourhoods
  • companies
  • communities.

What makes a successful tribe?

Zappos, an online business that sells shoes and other merchandise, is well known for its fast rise to success in under 10 years. The results are extraordinary:

  • a billion dollars in annual gross merchandise sales
  • excellent customer service with repeat business — primarily through word of mouth.

But its major cause of success was its ability to cultivate a brilliant culture — making Fortune magazine’s ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ list. There are many successful tribes in history.

Tribes with a good culture make ripples on the planet achieving more than an individual alone could. There is much leverage when we create a tribe of the right people. Being part of the right tribe gives the individual and the group a competitive advantage, often creating greater market share and more profit.

Finding the right tribe is also where many find true fulfillment.

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